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August 25, 2015
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Sofware piracy could be minimized more if the sofware that is most frequently pirated, i.e. Adobe Creative Suite, was more affordable to the consumers who need it. A graphic designer is probably less inclined to pay near $1,000 for this software and the associated features he might need if it's freely available on torrent sites. Another method for reducing piracy could be bundle suites of software for lesser price or a "pay what you want" feature several times a year for differing types of software.

I do think that software piracy harms publishers and is hard to compete with as 'free' always wins. I have a hard time seeing how much damage this could do to a brand if it's the most downloaded suite on a torrent website. If anything, this kind of free publicity could help you source your downloaders and find out how to attract them to pay for it. If you are able to view insights or demographics, you might find, for example, that a large portion of them are college students. This could lead to an "educational suite" as some companies already have, where the software is bundled in 'lite' versions and sold through universities as a deeply discounted rate. The company still gets a paycheck and the college student doesn't have to pony up large amounts of money they don't have just so they can practice their craft. I think that a brand should celebrate that they're the most stolen, or one of them, and use the insight to figure out how to target those downloaders and transition them into paying customers. Is it right? Maybe not. But the usual state of the internet is that we won't pay for something we can get for free, especially when the laws have far to run before they can catch up.

I think that companies are spending a lot of time trying to punish those who steal their software, and rightfully so. How they manage their staff and appropriate their funds is up to them. Just because Adobe fails to put out an updated version of their software doesn't mean the creative world comes to a grinding halt. This opens up a need for new product and it doesn't necessarily have to come from Adobe. This is exactly why free market is so great -- it allows for another company to build something better, unrestricted. Creating a great product doesn't isolate you from having it stolen. It's how you choose to view it that makes you unique.
by Strategery 3 years ago
It is almost impossible to have 100% protection against piracy. Instead, companies just make copying difficult enough for discouragement. Piracy can actually help companies by giving people some free trials and experience. Some people attribute some of Microsoft's success to large numbers of people illicitly using their software. They're better off in the long run with hundreds of millions of Chinese using illegally copied Windows than perfectly legal Linux.
by Golddigger 3 years ago
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