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August 4, 2015
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Security vulnerabilities are everywhere. There is an internet-connected home door lock available that unlocks with voice recognition and/or a cell phone. I have a friend who uses it for his home and he and his wife must comically yell, "You shall not pass!" every time they want to get into their home, regardless of the hour. I've attempted to get into their house for fun and it does a great job of keeping me out based on the calibration of their voices. Because this door lock only unlocks in two ways, with an internet app or voice recognition, we found ourselves unable to get into the home through the front door when their wifi network was hacked over the Summer and the person responsible took over everything they had in the house. Luckily, they still had traditional locks on their back entrance. Also affected were their Xbox accounts, email, bank information and one cell phone. The ISP was of little help other than resetting their equipment passwords and Microsoft gave them trouble in verifying their account ownership because they could not access their email accounts. Google, it seems, does not change Gmail passwords over the phone, so neither could do anything until they filled out a recovery form online and waited for their accounts to be verified. This was before two-step verification was a mainstream requirement. To this day, it is still optional for many services. What I was able to learn from this was to have a secure wifi network and to pay a little extra for security features on a home. They were not able to determine if anyone had gained access to their home, but having a stranger being able to unlock the front door remotely gave them enough stress to put in a security system. Seems wifi enabled door locks lost their glamour in just one week.
by Strategery 3 years ago
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