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August 22, 2015
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The relation between pornography and addiction has long been studied and it is quite popular especially in the religious circles. The Jewish community, as well as the Christian groups, has been in an effort to tackle with this issue, of course on religious grounds, to end or at least reduce the amount of porn their communities watch. To this end, many websites and volunteer organizations have been founded such as https://guardyoureyes.com/

Pornography is not reality. Relationships are based on people seeing, speaking and spending time with each other. sitting in a room alone is not a relationship and therefore until you have experienced a relationship there is no telling of what and whom you are attracted to. Porn is not reality, rather it's a distortion of reality which makes it harder for many men to relate to real live women or men - who can't look and act like the porn actors who are usually drugged and cosmetically altered.
by hermes 3 years ago
Lets start from a famous rat experiment. A male rat is placed into a box with a bunch of female rats. He immediately begins to mate with all the female rats again and again like a porn star until he gets exhausted. After this point he doesn't respond to females nudges and licking him. However when a new female is introduced into the box,he becomes alert and begins to mate once again with the new female. This is attributed to an increase in dopamine which decreases in time while having sex with the same partner.

In the brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter—a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other nerve cells. basically it plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior in the brain, and is amplified with all those triggering drugs.

As this rat study suggests, brain releases lots of dopamine with novel experiences. This is why we have tens of tabs open in our Firefox, chrome etc. It is because each time our brain is triggered by a range of category from nurse sex to nun sex, from teen to big boobs, etc. all serves to a novelty purpose.

Addiction neurobiologists have shown that all addictions, both chemical and behavioral, appear to share a key molecular switch, deltafosb. This molecular switch gradually accumulates when you overconsume fatty/sugary foods, drugs or sexual activites causing dopamine to surge repeatedly. Once it's flipped on, it stays on for a while and doesn't go away easily.

Once the brain is trained by novelty of internet world, it increases it dopamine level incredibly. This is the moment when anything else is unable to change our dopamine level appreciably, and as a result we wouldn't enjoy the real sex as much as the pixels.
by dem 3 years ago
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