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October 24, 2017
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It's simple. get a stack of blank sheets of paper - or a full screen mode blank word page on your computer - and begin writing - or typing. Yes, you need to have a perspective. You need a voice, no question about it. You need a brilliant idea, of course. But if you are serious about wanting to be a writer, I'll tell you one thing you really need: a heavy ass. I mean a heavy, massive granite stone like ass. Once you sit that heavy ass of yours down in a chair in front of your writing desk, someone needs to bring a bulldozer to lift it up out of that seat. Work on it. Have a largest mug you can find in the house filled up with coffee so that you can minimize your trip to the coffee pot. In fact, get the whole dame pot next to you. Acquire the taste of cold bitter coffee. Get a bouncy ball on your desk should you require it. Get all the books, sources, dictionaries, and thesauruses piled up on your desk. Your ass should not get up out of that seat unless you are about to pee in your pants, your child is about to die, or your house is on fire. Yes, you need to go around, see different things, meet new people, get inspiration from here and there. But those need to be done before writing. Tell you what, though. If you don't sit down and write it, there simply is no writing. If there is no writing, you are no writer. period.
by coeurdelion 3 years ago
Other helpful things to have are friends willing to keep you on-task. Do word wars (see who gets to x wordcount fastest, or who makes the most words in x time), do sprints (x amount of minutes to do as many words as is physically possible), and when you're done with your writing for the day, complain.

A good way to learn the 'sit-your-ass-down' method of writing is to take part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

EDIT: Another useful technique is to practice 'locking away your inner editor'. Mythbusters has proven that you can polish a turd, so don't be afraid to edit after the story is written.
by The Mood is Write 3 years ago
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