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August 8, 2015
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The funniest man in America. No wait, the world. Not only is he funny, but all of his jokes, rages, and swear words tell the truth. He's a genius, and I salute him.

"They're going to ban the toy guns.. AND THEY'RE GONNA KEEP THE FUCKIN REAL ONES!!"
by spotless mind 3 years ago
An American comedian who hated euphemism. He said he was afraid that someone would refer to rape victim as "unwilling sperm recipient" if euphemism continued to dominate the language.

you can watch that part of the show here

by Ghartheem 3 years ago
A genius comedian, whose humor toned with skepticism, sarcasm, and, at times, fury and profanity, pierced the hypocrises, injustices, idiosyncrasies and everyday sillinesses of our lives.

He was particularly vehement against religion, the media, corporations, and the government - all institutions that manipulate man's psyche to bend it to the will of a select few and their ideologies and goals. since man is dominated by symbols and language, Carlin pays particular attention to society's use of euphemism and dissects how it has altered our understanding of and relationship with uncomfortable truths - one of his more pointed examples of this at work is the labeling of the stress-induced psychological condition currently known as PTsD (Post-Traumatic stress Disorder).

"There's a condition in combat. most people know about it. It's when a fighting person's nervous system has been stressed to it's absolute peak and maximum. Can't take anymore input. The nervous system has either snapped or is about to snap. In the 1st World War, that condition was called "shell shock". simple, honest, direct language. Two syllables, "shell shock". Almost sounds like the guns themselves. That was seventy years ago. Then a whole generation went by and the 2nd World War came along and the very same combat condition was called "Battle Fatigue". Four syllables now. Takes a little longer to say. Doesn't seem to hurt as much. "Fatigue" is a nicer word than "shock". "shell shock"! "Battle fatigue". Then we had the war in Korea, 1950. madison Avenue was riding high by that time, and the very same combat condition was called "Operational Exhaustion". Hey, we're up to eight syllables now! And the humanity has been squeezed completely out of the phrase. It's totally sterile now. "Operational exhaustion". sounds like something that might happen to your car. Then of course, came the war in Vietnam, which has only been over for about sixteen or seventeen years, and thanks to the lies and deceits surrounding that war, I guess it's no surprise that the very same condition was called "Post-Traumatic stress Disorder". still eight syllables, but we've added a hyphen! And the pain is completely buried under jargon. "Post-traumatic stress disorder". I'll bet you if we'd have still been calling it "shell shock", some of those Vietnam veterans might have gotten the attention they needed at the time. I'll betcha. I'll betcha."

many love and hate Carlin for his no-bullshit attitude and cynical rants, however his shows were not always focused on the ills of society - his humor was punctuated by more light-hearted subjects, such as the differences between cats and dogs, peoples' incessant accumulation of stuff and the frustration of losing things.

by Bagheera 3 years ago
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