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August 22, 2015
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Main difference is that Bernie Sanders bases his views on his personal beliefs, and his personal morality whereas Hillary Clinton bases hers on the direction of the wind happens to be blowing. Gay marriage is the first example, where her position has been more backwards than many Republicans. She always has taken the safest positions until it became clear that she was on the wrong side, and then changed sides.
by wolf 3 years ago
Hillary Clintion's campaign's largest donor is Citigroup, representing Wall Street. They are also Jeb Bush's largest donor.

Bernie's largest donors are all common people He is in it for people. His first priority is to take big money and give people their country back.

Think about how much control people like Donald Trump has over our country. Corporations like Citigroup own two party by donating money. Trump made one shockingly insightful comment during the first GOP debate, said money buys him favors from politicians. He bragged about how he deliberately gave money to politicians so that he could later get favors from them.
by pseudoscientist 3 years ago
Consistency in his political career and his messages and an overarching sense of integrity and morality. He voted against the Iraq War. He voted against the Patriot Act. He is not funded by the super-rich in the country and refuses to take money from them, instead depending on contributions from the average American, the average American being whom he stands for. He has been a long-standing supporter of civil rights, walking with MLK and organizing sit-ins during the movement, voting against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 (barring federal recognition of gay marriage) and repeatedly calling upon the President and Congress to recognize LGBT rights. He wants to make public higher education free and to reduce student loan interest rates. He is serious about climate change. He wants to raise the minimum wage to $15, to expand healthcare access and vacation/sick time to working people and drastically reduce income inequality. Overall, he's the candidate for me because he speaks to the issues that are threatening this country and the planet at large, and I believe that he has the moral focus and integrity to work on fixing the issues, not just using them as talking points.

I don't support Hillary because she has been inconsistent or vague in her voting, or has simply voted against my interests. Until just a few years ago, she was against gay marriage, as first lady she supported legislation that favored banks over the poor. Her biggest donors are banks and the super wealthy. She voted for the Iraq war and for the Patriot Act. She is already mired in controversy surrounding her handling of Benghazi as Secretary of State, and while I understand that these are difficult situations to maneuver, her handling of it has come across as flippant to the American people. She charges exorbitant 6-figure rates to speak at universities, and has quipped in the past about her family being broke. She appears to be just another power-hungry politician and doesn't appear to have the moral certitude that I need to see in a candidate for the President.

People either haven't heard about Bernie, or like to rule him out because he has crazy hair and speaks very seriously, and (oh my!) is a Socialist (that's Fascist, right?!), but the truth of the matter is he is the candidate we need to set this country straight. The fact that people don't take him seriously and think there is no way he could win because he doesn't have the campaign power speaks exactly to the point of why we need him. The super-wealthy have long taken control of this country and will continue to fuck it up so that they can take more for themselves unless we do something about it. That something is to take a step and spread the word about Bernie and to actually vote for someone who cares about the average citizen.
by Bagheera 3 years ago
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