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August 12, 2015
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In particular, students easily fall into the trap of being overwhelmed. There's the fellow student who learns and avoidable achieved than oneself, as are parents and friends who have particular needs and standards, as may be pressed for time by tuition fees or examination regulations, and there is not the least of its own ambition much more.

Here you have to keep in mind: Everyone has his own pace and his own capacity. And this is limited in every man. So you can perceive and process only a certain number of facts at the same time, much needs to be repeated and edged into the existing network so that it remains in the brain (more on the brain, especially in memory here). In addition, individual idiosyncrasies. So it falls to an easy to memorize, the other must recite each sentence several times, but it is faster again in another area.

Also it depends on the way in which one learns. For example, you can deal with a long field, similar information record (e.g. learning vocabulary). This is the so-called "massed learning". The longer one is engaged in the material, the less can be re-recorded. That is, the learning gain is lower. This effect captures the "distributed learning" on. Here a stop will be made and then continued with another subject area. While that is previously learned brain food now forgotten inevitably, but I can repeat easily be reactivated. In the end you reach by means of distributed learning more than by stubborn timpani.

Hinders the concentrated learning are things circumstances and behaviors that draw energy because they annoy. They are usually but tolerated or ignored. This can for example. The more clothes lying around the partner, the unwashed dishes of ''people sharing an apartment''-friend be just as the dripping faucet in the bathroom or the shirt, which would have to be ironed for weeks. It thus is the little things that move through their fullness and regularity attention to themselves and eat energy.

Whether an energy thief is present can be found out with the following consideration: What kind of feeling is to be at the launch, the fact was eliminated? Is it easier, so it is very likely to be an energy thief.

It is important to become aware of these circumstances. Here it helps to create a list and this supplement for several weeks. So a sense of the imperceptible energy hogs is being developed. Also unsolvable things fall down here.

Next is to consider which have these problems, key functions, ie when automatically omitted when their absence, other, so they have a key role. The energy thieves should now, starting with the comprehensive, be resolved. Here often also helps the conversation with friends, when a self-lacking ideas.

The positive effect will make itself felt soon: problems in everyday life are not circumvented, but dissolved, energy for the important things in life is free, and by immediately overcoming problems accumulates less, blockades have not have a chance to emerge. Own goals, needs and desires are clearly formulated, maybe implemented by the environment and thus also harmonize interpersonal relationships.

There are different attitudes towards learning. They can be broken down into three categories:

  • Students who learn what they want, when they want. The to-learn material is not structured and often the learning is done at the last minute.

  • The orientation towards external standards, such as parents, professors, fellow students. Here the approach is similar to that at school.

The most effective option is, however,

  • The autonomous learning. The material to be learned is selected. Personal learning experience, the everyday, the existing knowledge are taken into account, not disregarded the needs. The learning material is divided according to their importance and it is aimed at a realistic result.

For effective learning it is also important that the body agrees to a rhythm, ie is regular and sufficient sleep and eaten. In particular, pay attention to a balanced diet. Little sugar, but the long-term energy carbohydrates give (bread, pasta, potatoes), and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Stimulants (coffee or Red Bull) does not lead to increased receptiveness of the brain. You can even increase the contrary, agitation, anxiety and panic before an exam.

Also, a proper hydration, best to pay attention in the form of water, unsweetened herbal and fruit or fruit juice with water.

Also in the learning time, it is important to have enough movement to keep the blood flow and oxygenation in transition. Just sit is tiring in the long run. To compensate for learning sport or at least the bike for the daily commute is attached. And yet it fits perfectly into a new scheduling, to select a beautiful sport. Most universities have an excellent university sports program.

Who is frustrated or angry, has too much stress and has to let off steam once, the hotel will offer endurance sports, squash, martial arts to.

And, you should make sure not to learn on an empty stomach. Hunger interferes with concentration. However, this is also the case for a full belly. Optimally, therefore, is either to take a break after lunch or just to take a small snack.
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And (actually the a of and is supposed to be non capital but...)
Yes, dear op. and i wanted to show you people the real reason behind the failure of learning.

class dismissed.
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