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July 27, 2015
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I once wrote this to a Democratic member - a friend - back in New York right after President Obama first took office:

"The problem of 'Winner Take All' is in fact not as big a problem for the loser as is for the winner. With this approach, every time the winner wins, he helps give birth - and rebirth - to a stronger, meaner and fiercer enemy. We all know the president will have eight years. Let's not kid ourselves. Just like President Clinton. But you cannot even in your wildest dream imagine what monster would await you at the end of these eight years of 'Winner Take All' road. That's why we call you politicians the most detrimentally short-sighted breed of human beings. That's why the politics lost the interest of the American public long ago. This president rose to power with an unprecedented level of enthusiasm from the American public because this time we thought he was different from the rest of you, but if the whole Democratic Party resorts to the old system of 'Winner Take All' approach and drags this president into that same ol' political power machine, you'd better be ready to win all the time. One small misstep, one small loose-footing in one tiny election from now on will be the roller-coaster ride to the bottom without any bounding curve in sight. Just as the eight years of President Bush has been the greatest gift the Republican Party ever presented to the liberal and the Democratic Party in decades, President Obama will be the greatest gift ever to the conservative and the Republican Party in a century. He will fire up every minute and tiny religious, political, social or business group from the big coastal cities to middle-of-nowhere towns in the Midwest whose ideologies are fundamentally on the opposite end of the spectrum, and unite them all in one force despite their mild differences from each other. After these eight years of 'Winner Take All', you will so successfully obliterate any existing moderate voices on either side that there will be none left influential enough to reach over the aisle and make a working progress for the nation. And you cannot blame President Obama for this; you have only your greed and macho-political culture to blame. I will see you after these eight years."
by coeurdelion 3 years ago
The US President who pushes African nations to treat gays equally under law before convincing half of his population.
by spotless mind 3 years ago
The American president who deserved his Nobel Peace Prize after six years by truly contributing to world peace.

(see: The Iran Deal)

by dem 3 years ago
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