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perusen - the dictionary of everythingi love you but i'm not in love with you - perusen.comone thing you will never understand the appeal of -
reading the guy who doesn't understand the appeal of writing on an online dictionary, but still bothers to write as in (#758)

(see: dilemma)
by root 10 months ago
perusanovel -
to commit themselves fully to the cause for which they steal. the social order, for them, needs a thief's touch, an "invisible hand" as adam smith would name it, though he did not mean literally.
unaware of anything that might hinder the lieutenant from sending her letters, she directly jumped to the worst scenario: there was another woman. a woman, who was lucky enough to feel his touch, to drink endlessly from the fountain of his warmth and love, to stare directly at his turquoise eyes. a feminine evil, moving like a dreadful breeze around his aura, a cheap and ordinary slut, eking out a marginal existence on earth, and laying eyes on his skin.
masculinity, she thought, was a tangible thing on him; it was like an actual organ just as his hands or his torso. masculinity was like an actual, see-able matter, flowing around, or rather, from him. but how, how in the name of the most compassionate, most high, was it possible that he forgot all the promises never to love anyone else, never to feel the touch of another human being, never to bestow his warmth and sight of his marvelous body to someone else, the body that once filled her nights with joy and her days with peace. how was it possible to....
by hermes 2 years ago
puzzlements of movie plot lines -
two people couldn't fit on that floating door, really? or at the very least, you couldn't take turns resting on it? (rose and jack, from the end of titanic, where jack stupidly freezes to death)

also, if there were a door like that, there probably were more, and i would have tried to raft a few of those things together, and then have a few people on top huddle to keep warm. penguins could teach you a thing or two. but then, maybe the other people would start fighting over who got to sit on it? but if that's the case, how did rose keep that thing all to herself for so long? i'm sure there was a lot more fighting.
by bagheera 9 months ago
perusen -
a very young but promising project which will evolve into something that probably will surprise all of perusers including the initiators.

(see: i believe in evolution)

the goal is not to clone any idea, instead, is to let it go to its equilibrium point which is determined by overall physical forces on it. our intention is to create a meaningful place that we can learn, have fun, and also enjoy others. there will be always cheap people who can make cheap labels. this is how they enjoy here and they are welcomed as well.

by dem 10 months ago