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perusen - the dictionary of everythingcollective unconscious -
is a term first used by analytical psychologist carl jung who describes the collective experience of all human beings such as science, religion, and morality as archetypes, and those archetypes are observable through their effects on dreams, behaviour, etc. thus for example mother-child relationship is governed by the mother archetype. father-child - by the father archetype. every human being is endowed with this psychic archetype-layer since his/her birth. one can not acquire this by education or other conscious effort because it is innate.
by pseudoscientist 7 months ago
fear of failure -
injected by family, society, schools, teachers, lecturers and toxic people around us who constantly remind us what we can do and what we can not do and their assumption of what we can not do will be based on their capacity of not being able to achieve such things. a reprogramming of subconscious mind (do not ask how, there are techniques and methods that claim to do so such as hypnosis, eft theraphy and other neuro new age stuff), a revolutionary change in the way we think, behave and talk (eliminating all the negative and associated words from our language) a social cleaning, getting rid of one and every single toxic person and surrounding ourselves with people who are positive, goal driven and responsible for the course of their lives.
by dramaqueen 4 months ago
turkey -
the founder of the republic of turkey is m. kemal atatürk.
by aryemu_s 5 months ago
hey -
simple use and efficient website but i think it was overrated! there are way too many similar websites.


personally, i don't like torrent i prefer to watch online without dealing with downloads. my all time favorite website is
by atmadangelme 5 months ago
scientology -
the church of scientology promises to solve all of your problems, with you progressing through a series of ot (operating thetan) levels.

this is how it helps you solve your problems: you progress through the levels until you reach a point where you realize how batshit crazy scientology is...then you leave. your problems are now solved. the further you progress, the more problems you have, the greater the catharsis upon realization.
by bagheera 6 months ago