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perusen - the dictionary of everythingleonardo da vinci -
his life is proof of the invention of the time machine. probably he came from the future. otherwise it is not possible to design the helicopter 200 years before the first one.
by naked truth 7 months ago
karma -
one of today's most misquoted and misunderstood words. a concept many believe as a divine retribution of one's work in this life. unfortunately, it has everything to do with rebirth, not of this life.

everything that is you or your life today is a consequence of your deeds from a previous life that you do not remember. that means you somehow and at some point in your previous life had done something to deserve your shitty work, abusive spouse, chronic constipation or bad sex you are left with today. there is no way of getting out of it. the only bright side of this? your next life. if you happened to wake up next to adriana lima sleeping in her victoria's secret lingerie in a bedroom at the buckingham palace with twenty some people waiting to assist you from putting on a bathrobe to blowing your nose in your next life, you know you had done something right in this life. good luck.
by coeurdelion 10 months ago
who to fall in love with -
this needs to be more pragmatic than solely emotional choice in one's life so as not to end up in separation..
by macman 7 months ago
trying to quit smoking -
giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. i know because i've done it thousands of times.

-mark twain
by jamais vu 8 months ago
freedom of expression -
the freedom that protects your rights to ask stupid questions. i just want you to remember that it also guarantees my rights to point out point-blank that it is the evidence of your stupidity. and i usually do this in your face, in public and out loud.
by coeurdelion 7 months ago