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perusen - the dictionary of everythingrape -
rape - to have sex with another being by force and without their consent. although each gender can commit this heinous crime, it is by far a more common occurrence by men against women.

"when is rape okay?" is a table taken from the book, adolescents and their perceptions of sexual interactions, displaying results from a 1978 survey asking teenagers questions concerning when rape is considered o.k., with the percentages of males and females who respond "yes." it should be noted however that the table represents the data in some misleading ways, including the fact that the scores were not simply "yes" or "no" but rated on a five-point scale and that the original study's complete authors were not cited.

1978 or 2014, it's still "what the fuck". it just makes me sick inside ...

conditions, with percentages of "yes" responses for males and females:

he spent a lot of money on her? males 39% females 12%
he is so turned on he thinks he can't stop? males 36% females 21%
she has had sexual intercourse with other guys? males 39% females 18%
she is stoned or drunk? males 39% females 18%
she lets him touch her above the waist? males 39% females 28%
she is going to and then changes her mind? males 54% females 31%
she has led him on? males 54% females 26%
she gets him excited sexually males 51% females 42%
they have dated for a long time? males 43% females 32%
by coeurdelion 8 months ago
the most productive part of the day - perusen.comlife wouldn't exist if -
we had no moon. days would be shorter, winds would be very strong and there would be a dense atmosphere such that all life forms wouldn't receive the night they needed.
by spotless mind 8 months ago
human rights -
the most popular and comprehensive meaning of human rights is "inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being." one of the most hotly debated topics of the last centuries and especially the last decades, human rights occupy a great agenda on the level of nation states, as well as the international politics. what constitutes human rights is actually most discussed aspect of the theme, since the boundaries of rights are directly affected by what it is.
by hermes 2 years ago
entropy -
entropy is, by the most popular definition, the measure of the "disorder" of a system. but what is disorder, and what is a system? what "disorder" actually means, from a physics perspective, is the number of microscopic states that correspond to a given macroscopic state. this description raises more questions about the definition of states as well. to be more precise, let's consider one hundred coins in series on a table and count the total number of tails. the number of different configurations that gives, let's say 17 tails, is the disorder of this system.

fortunately and unfortunately nature is not that simplistic. any particle in observable life has many more individual states unlike the coin where we only care about two. by "microscopic states" we mean the exact states of all the particles (even sub-particles) making up the system.

the idea here is that for a real system the composition, volume, energy, pressure, and
temperature don't tell you very much about the exact state of each molecule making up the system. the system appears in the most probable state and that's it. for even a very small piece of matter, there can be billion trillions of different microscopic states, all of which correspond to the sample having the same composition, volume, energy, pressure, and temperature.

(see: the second law of thermodynamics)
by dem 11 months ago