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perusen - the dictionary of everythingmodes of governmental behavior -
governments have modes of behavior like firms or individuals, and they shift their mode in accordance with the level of threat and opportunities they perceive. during times they perceive more threat than opportunities they are more likely to change their mode to survival. this, in turn, may bring about radical change in the political landscape of a country out of the risks the government is likely to undertake for surviving the stormy weather. in democratic polities, governments suffering from corruptness and therefore a significant risk of breakdown have little power to transform the structure of the rules and procedures so as to make it survive. however, in semi-democratic and authoritarian polities, governments could have the power to manipulate the public opinion either through silencing the free press or through mobilizing their media apparatus, and to intervene the judicial and bureaucratic processes conducted against their corruptness.
by balkanica 1 year ago
eddie izzard -
the man who shows that british people can actually be funny. he is very well known for his randomness, catchiness and transvestite performance.
by spotless mind 1 year ago
favorite study snacks - perusen.combest opening lines from books -
''mr and mrs dursley, of number four, privet drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.''

by j.k.rowling, the philosopher's stone
by aryemu_s 1 year ago
mit life -
in my first years, i have had an inferiority complex a lot. being alone all year, i was getting very restless that i was not doing enough for the school. i was loving science but i couldn't find even a research field that i could fit myself in. i was thinking that i am not ready for anything. last year i ta'ed a course and had the chance to see all other students' real level of knowledge. it was a very comforting semester to see that others were just like me; they screw up in their homework as i was doing in mine. 80% of the class actually was cheating from previous year's solution manuals. the lesson i took from that was: we are all the same.