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perusen - the dictionary of everythingmonotonous life -
life offers little or no consolation to he who suffers the severance from the one he loves. and indifference plagues him within. the leprosy of soul. he feels no more pain. many know the dread of feeling agonizing pain, but he, he knows the dread of feeling no pain when he should. he wrestles all night long to feel something, wanting to feel something, anything. he at times even self-inflicts a wound. to awaken his senses. to stimulate his nerves. to arouse his desires. but in vain. he falls asleep with it; he wakes up with it. a new day, yes, but with the same old cycle.

conversation becomes boring. sightseeing uninspiring. music redundant. sex mundane. there is nothing new for him under the sky. and it does not take solomon to know that.

he once like everyone else wanted what he loved and enjoyed to repeat. he wanted it to be a permanent fixture on his wall. he wanted a constant exposure to it. he wanted the sensation that comes from the first taste of food after a long period of hunger, the first drop of water on his parched tongue after a long period of thirst to continue on everyday.

now he knows this particular desire of his for such continuity, permanence and constance had in fact successfully drained every ounce of joy and pleasure once dwelt within the very objects of his desire. now he knows that they are simply irreplaceable, unsubstitutable.
by coeurdelion 5 months ago
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we have changed our host and email accounts. we show the time in "x hour ago", "x months ago" format.

we are working on a nice project which is about connecting the titles in perusen. we are planning to make a graph (map) using the see's and hidden see's that connect the titles. the idea is not very mature yet, but it will be similar to this map which connects physics articles on

in our map, as we zoom in we will have more specific regions of titles and see how they are connected to each other. the size of each circle can be determined by the total number of posts, and the closeness of two circles will be determined by the amount of inside links. to reach that goal, we highly advise perusers to use see's and hidden see's whenever they find it necessary.

(see: thoughts map)
by dem 7 months ago
amin maalouf -
reason of my first love story which started by giving one of his book to my first girl friend. he has middle eastern blood in his veins, french revolution in his mind and ottoman stories in his pocket.
by colonel bagshot 5 months ago
austria -
a country differs from germany in terms of culture. germany is an economic power while austria is an artistic one. the logic is easy; big imperial history, big artistic inheritance.
by dionysus 2 years ago
diva -
a female version of a hustler.

(see: beyonce)
by bombastus 1 year ago