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perusen - the dictionary of everythingfranz kafka -
his unsocial,lonely, alienated characters are usually referred to himself, he is kind of secretly telling his own experiences over different personalities. hunger artist and the metamorphosis are standing examples. for instance, the family figures in metamorphosis, i.e. tyrant and dominant dad, a little wuss mother figure and occasionally helpful and soft sister are strong clues for kafka's life...whereas in hunger artist, kafka emphasises on the fact that a true artist should become isolated from the society. the artist's ambitions,dreams make him pushed to reach one level up in each progress making him more desired for the future. the more he come closer to the ultimate goal of his life, the more he is pushed away from the public, public will. in the cage, kafka tries to tell the artist's alienation from society as he performs his art in there which is kind of reminder of that what kafka had been through his life.
by zeper 6 months ago
physicist dominance in perusen -
is the apparent dominance of physics titles on the left-frame as compared to any other field's titles. just like any other fellow, after improving our understanding of how nature works, we all intend to share our knowledge in perusen.

by spotless mind 5 months ago
single and happy woman -
without any doubt, the woman in her 20s...
by spacey 6 months ago
dem -
the founder of perusen. a physicist at mit by day, a coder by night. a lover of cats and tea.
by bagheera 8 months ago
hey -
simple use and efficient website but i think it was overrated! there are way too many similar websites.


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by atmadangelme 5 months ago