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perusen - the dictionary of everythingfrench -
to kiss using tongues.

(see: the language of sex)
economics -
economics isn't like physics, or biology, or chemistry. one of the most difficult, and interesting, things about studying economics is that unlike other sciences where it is possible to perform controlled experiments, economists' empirical evidence is limited to historical data, and not very much of it. thus, it is obviously much messier than experimentation of other sciences.
by spotless mind 1 year ago
the picture of dorian gray -
oscar wilde's sole, and beautifully written, novel, which despite being now considered a classic, was ill-received upon publication, likely because of its homoerotic undertones, which were shocking and perverse to victorian readers. this gothic, faustian novel, like many others in its time, for example: the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde by robert louis stevenson, dracula by bram stoker, frankenstein by mary shelley, reflects the victorian obsession with man's innate nature, the role of conscience in social action and the twisted alter-ego.

the story focuses on the character of dorian gray, a young man whose beauty becomes a local painter, basil hallward's, obsession, the inspiration for a new mode in his art. through this painter, and thus through his aesthetic appeal, dorian meets lord henry wotton, a man who espouses pure hedonism, pursuit of pleasure. realizing that his beauty will one day fade, dorian wishes to sell his soul to the devil in return for the gift of eternal youth. his portrait is the only reminder of his age and sin, morphing in time to outwardly show dorian's inner corruption. dorian lives an excessive and immoral life, and becomes so overwhelmed with the appearance of his portrait and the inability to escape its decay that he tries to destroy the painting, instead resulting in his own death.
by bagheera 1 year ago
working on a phd -
the consumption of your time and energy for misleading aims such as uncovering the mysteries of nature, performing experiments or carrying out calculations to learn how the world works. forget it! do something else instead: medical school, law school, computers or engineering, or something else which appeals to you.

you might have the expectation of spending your working life doing scientific research, using your ingenuity and curiosity to solve important and interesting problems. you will almost certainly be disappointed, probably when it is too late to choose another career. you might think i became a scientist in order to have the freedom to work on problems which interest me. but you probably won't get that freedom. as a postdoc you will work on someone else's ideas, and may be treated as a technician rather than as an independent collaborator.

after you are done with all, the struggle for a job is now replaced by a struggle for grant support, and again there is a glut of scientists. now you spend your time writing proposals rather than doing research.

by jonathan i. katz, professor of physics
by spotless mind 2 years ago
trying to quit smoking -
giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. i know because i've done it thousands of times.

-mark twain
by jamais vu 1 year ago